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Be Bold, Be Mighty, Be You

This book captures powerful stories of courage, resilience, and resourcefulness from 12 women, sisters connected by family values, principles of service, and strong spiritual guidance. The conflicts and challenges of navigating life in the South as part of a family of 20 children have produced experiences of personal growth that span over seven decades.  

12 Sisters offers a glimpse into the complex dynamics of family and faith, struggle and success, joy and sorrow that underscores the importance of the deep connections that bind these sisters together, even as they have explored diverse goals and aspirations. 

From civil service to Olympic greatness to executive directorship of various non-profit organizations, these women exemplify the power of love and determination to create significance amidst the ever-changing, continually challenging landscape of American life for people of color.  

The stories within highlight the uniqueness of experiences that women navigate and the specialness of sisterhood for giving support. It brings attention to ways in which connection can flourish and grow over time, even as generational gaps deliver different cultural elements to process. While the average American family size is significantly smaller than this unusual and rare group of 22, the lessons shared are relevant for any family seeking to build more strength, forgiveness, and healing with one another. 

Each sister has a unique perspective they bring to their individual challenges. Unexpected personal losses, battles with cancer, deep traumas, relationship challenges, and more are met with determination and resilience for moving forward. The result is the emergence of lives of meaning and contribution that will inspire anyone wondering if they can make it through whatever difficulties may be before them. 

The encouragement to “Be Bold, Be Mighty, Be You” * will uplift anyone who reads 12 Sisters and will surely bring hope to all.  

(*slogan from 2x Olympic Gold medalist, and sister # 10, Ruthie Bolton)