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Do you feel out of sync sometimes? Like life is throwing curve balls and you can’t seem to make contact? That happens for all of us, because life presents an ever-evolving set of circumstaces and people that bring joy and meaning for us and sometimes challenge what we think is true and constant. And so we seek alignment with our own soul and inner guidance system, so we can create a fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful life. Living as an awake and aware individual requires a series of practices and a trained mindset to be able to hear the whispers of your heart and feel the nudges of your Spirit.

This e-book is a compilation of mindful and meaningful tips,
thoughts, and practices intended to enhance your own
moment-to-moment purposeful life experience.

As you read these tips, imagine ways to bring them into your daily routine. As you do, you’ll find that you’re more fully engaged with the people in your life, you’ll be less stressed, and enjoy more simple pleasures and fulfillment. You’ll also experience more peace, harmony, and ease with your family, loved ones, friends, coworkers, and community.

Enjoy and use these tips to enhance your life experience!

About the Authors

The individuals sharing these tips are the co-authors of the new book Women Living In Alignment:  Stories of Embracing the Heart, Soul, and Energy as One. They have come together with the intention of assisting people like you to live with more passion, aligned with your purpose, and finding more meaning in your life. It is their wish that the tips in this e-book and their stories in the paperback book will provide some guidance on your life journey.


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