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Watch The Movie ~ Be Empowered

Do You Want to Feel More Aligned and Whole?
Allow These Stories to Be Your Guide.

The truth is some people live for decades before they discover and live into their passion and purpose and allow themselves to fully engage their spirit. This doesn’t have to be your experience. Are you aligned with your soul’s calling? How do you know? Alignment is something you feel, not something you do. And though you may not always be able to define it, you will have a deep knowing as you breathe into it.

Women Living In Alignment is a collection of twenty stories by conscious women who transformed their lives from uninspired, codependent, difficult, or empty to fulfilling, free, meaningful, and    empowered. These women have at times lost their way, stumbled, or resisted their inner knowing—and then gained clarity to follow their hearts and face their challenges with grace, determination, and purpose. Their stories will guide and ease your journey and inspire you to follow the path you envision for your life.

Discover These Inspiring Messages and Lessons of Alignment:


  • Self-love is the starting point for self-healing
  • Changing your surroundings changes your life energy
  • Release fear and darkness to allow your bright future
  • Rid yourself of the “disease to please” for the last time
  • Call on your angels and guides who are always with you
  • Authenticity means living in alignment with your heart
  • Creativity lies within, ready to be consciously awakened
  • Use truth as a guide for personal and spiritual growth


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Publisher of inspirational and empowerment books. Our collaborative books have helped more than 400 women become published authors. Our mission is to raise the vibration of people and the planet and to connect and empower individuals in their lives. If your mission is aligned, we’d love to publish your book and

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AmondaRose Igoe, “6-Figure Speaking Success Strategist,” is an award-winning speaker expert and best-selling author. She has been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX and in Chicken Soup for the Soul. AmondaRose is the author of “Pain-Free Public Speaking” and “Share Your Story,” and is the creator of the 6-Figure Speaker Roadmap.

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We are the Good Vibes Gals, and we love spreading positive vibes and messages of empowerment, courage, positivity, faith, well-being, and LOVE. We design beautiful books – journals, planners, and notebooks - with these values in mind and our customers are at the heart of all we do.

BONUS GIFT: Journaling is good for the soul. This gift to you to help you “find the feel good” and live in that space every day. Follow the simple instructions in the journal to optimize your experience and results. Get Your Gift


Nora Yolles Young B.C.H, C.I., LBL® Nora's work as a certified integrative and regression hypnotherapist and instructor; Life Between Lives® therapist; Soul Consciousness Coach are her art and her soul’s purpose. She blends her understanding of consciousness and culture in her one-on-one and group sessions, training, lectures and publications to help clients creatively align with their soul purpose.

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Human Design is a new system of self-knowledge and self-awareness that differs fundamentally from anything else that exists in the world today. It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system based on ancient wisdoms and quantum physics. New book by Karen Flaherty available on Amazon!

BONUS GIFT: A complimentary Human Design chart drawn from your birth data. What emerges is a genetic map, a blueprint for your life's journey. You will also receive a complimentary report describing your unique Energy Type and your decision-making strategy. Get Your Gift


Carol Collins is a gifted channel and the voice for The Jeshua Collective. they teach the world what they need to know to live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

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Sue Urda is your Feel Good Gal. She is an Award-Winning and #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Publishing. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs and all women thrive, get connected, and share their stories. Sue empowers individuals to live with purpose, grace, and ease and to FIND THE FEEL GOOD and embody it every day.

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Helping you LIVE WELL - uniting the wisdom of science and Spirit. Education rather than medication to support WHOLE HEALTH.

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This complimentary guide “Stay Curious: Cultivating Curiosity To Support Your Personal And Professional Growth” will help you reconnect with your authentic self, channel your creativity, and surf your natural flows of energy. As an additional BONUS, get a free 30-minute talk and facilitated discussion for your group on cultivating curiosity.

BONUS GIFT: The pressures, challenges and opportunities leaders today face can be overwhelming. To be ready to meet the moment, it is critical to invest in growing ourselves and our teams. Dr. Tiffany Espinosa provides executive coaching to help individuals and organizations level up, make critical strategic decisions and bring together high performing teams. Get Your Gift


Amy is a Source intuitive, channeler and gifted energy healer who teaches creative entrepreneurs how to leave struggle behind and step into a impassioned life of unlimited possibility and empowered choice. Amy is the creator of powerful meditations that work and programs that create breakthroughs in prosperity, joy and well being. &

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Women In Joy, founded by Laura Rubinstein is an online retreat for Women. You can share and receive inspiring messages. Ask Coach Laura your questions and she will share her advice. Access the tools for cultivating your Feminine Power and living a joy-filled, passionate, juicy life!

BONUS GIFT: Are you ready to have more soul-connected juicy relationships? How about living authentically without stress or guilt and create flowing success! It all starts with a conscious awareness of our feminine essence. The Living In Feminine Energy Guide is here as our personal gift to you. Get Your Gift


Founder of Divine Human Institute, Kumari is a catalyst for soul-full evolution. Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, Reiki Master and best-selling author, Kumari was a civil rights attorney when her father died of cancer, inspiring her to master energy medicine. For the past 33 years she has facilitated profound transformations for thousands of people and their beloved animals.

BONUS GIFT: Higher Heart Chakra Activation - The opening of this new Higher Heart chakra energy center is a key step in your spiritual awakening. Your Higher Heart chakra is your gateway to higher consciousness, aligning your life in love, prosperity, joy, fulfillment and purpose. Additionally, activating this region supports a healthy thymus gland which plays a crucial role in strengthening your immune system. Get Your Gift

Roe Couture DeSaro – Rewiring Women Leaders for Collaboration Leadership

The original Gutsy Gal™ with heart, Roe is luring powerful women to inspired meaningful action. As a strong advocate for feminine/masculine balance and women having it all, she has women taking more risks and achieving more than they ever had before gracefully. Her passion is dedicated to leaders and business owners serving through the lens of a collaborative environment.

BONUS GIFT: Collaboration Playbook. Learn the rules of engagement for becoming a great leader; building trust fast; and stop making common collaboration mistakes that destroy your time and profits. Get Your Gift

Shannon N. Smith

Shannon Smith is a coach and healer on a mission to help you alchemize your life. She wants to help you understand your body more and tap into your intuition to get to the root of the issue, feel better in your skin, and ultimately have and live the alignment you deserve.

BONUS GIFT: Get alignment in your body, then you can get alignment with any other area of your life. Download the guide “Body Love: A Guide to Create, Keep, and Expand Alignment with Your Body” and schedule your free 30 minute clearing session to jump start your body and life alignment today! Get Your Gift

Lindsay Nepoose

I am a mentor and coach. The core of what I do is to help people reclaim themselves with deep level awareness. In addition to healing on many levels and layers, I also specialize in personal development and mindset.

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Jennifer Hamady is a vocal coach and therapist specializing in the technical and emotional issues that interfere with self-expression. Based in New York City and Washington DC, Jennifer works in private practice with musicians and others to discover, develop, and confidently release their best personal, professional, and performance potential. She writes for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today on matters of creativity and is the author of three books and vocal and personal self-expression.

BONUS GIFT:Enjoy the first chapter of Jennifer’s latest book, "The Art of Singing” about the psychology, relationships, and technology in recording and performing. Get Your Gift

Jordin James

Jordin James is a parts-work coach with a specialty in helping survivors of narcissitic abuse transition from survival mode to thriving.

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A dynamically evolving world calls for dynamic new thought processes for leading ourselves and others through these times. Dr. Moira Forsythe supports development of unique, effective ways of staying in the flow with strategies that work. Personal, professional, organizational growth tools that creatively engage the new paradigms of tomorrow, today.

BONUS GIFT: Creating Resilience in Times of Change & Challenge. A visually rich guide to discovering your strengths and deepening your capacity for joyful resilience in times of change. Get Your Gift


I work with Creative Entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo and inspirational vision. I help them reclaim their power, and find the courage to create their great work.

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Sarah Lascano is an energy healer, medical intuitive, and best-selling author. She has helped hundreds of people recover their health. She is a recognized holistic and energy healing expert and speaker. It is her passion to help people discover the root cause of their health problems and move forward in health freedom.

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DeAnne is a Holistic Fitness Coach, Stress Reduction Expert, Amazon Best-selling Author, National Speaker, and the CEO (Creative Energetic Orchestrator) of her own business and brand, GAUYAFIT, LLC. For over 30 years, she has remained on the ‘cutting edge’ of Mind/Body Medicine and Holistic Fitness. DeAnne has helped 1,000s of clients across the country develop healthier lifestyles and improve their fitness. She is on a mission to help as many Active Agers as she possibly can. If you would like to be more stress resistant, resilient, adaptable, healthier, happier, and able to live your life full of possibility, positivity, and freedom, then DeAnne is your woman.

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The Body Code works remotely to identify tissue imbalances within a client's body that are caused by trapped negative emotions and thought patterns. Using its Emotion Code tool, the Body Code is then able to permanently remove these negative energies so that clients can heal from physical and emotional trauma.

BONUS GIFT: Anyone who is unsure if the Body Code will work for them is invited to have a FREE consultation with Betsy Lambert. In this no obligation, 20-minute consultation you will be invited to share your concerns and hear how her technique might be able to help you overcome them. GET YOUR GIFT from her website. Get Your Gift


Change your mind, change your world. Linda Lang is a gifted healer and mentor who guides her clients to step beyond limiting beliefs, patterns and unresolved emotions into higher states of life mastery. With over 35 years experience bridging energy, intuition and healing, Linda has a vast and varied repertoire for self-exploration and transformation.

BONUS GIFT: ENJOY this energetic alignment process that will center your energy, connect you with your own inner knowing and open the doorway of spiritual wisdom. Only a few minutes daily can make a profound impact! Includes the Embodied Wisdom Spirit Prayer, e-book & audio meditation. Align with your intent and allow! Get Your Gift


Ladybug Wellness is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve balance within their energy system to promote overall health and wellness. This website is a wealth of resources that will inspire anyone to find their true calling and passion by letting go of anything in their past that hinders them from a life worth living.

BONUS GIFT: Would you like to have more clarity and focus in your life; feel more whole, balanced and energized? Emotion Code is a non-invasive effective technique to release trapped negative energies that hinder you from feeling and experiencing all the good that life has to offer. Receive your complimentary introductory mini session here: Get Your Gift


Healing Begins Within is a holistic health practice in which Brooke Rowe, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual counselor, assists you in reuniting with your Divinity. Through the use of Reiki, energetics, Astrology, art, and readings, Brooke guides you back to your own inner knowing so that you can begin living your best life.

BONUS GIFT: Use code phrase: ALIGNMENT BOOK and receive a FREE one-card reading great for gaining insight, support, and guidance from Spirit on a current life circumstance, and how best to navigate it. Use it as a meditation practice throughout the week for more clarity on your life's unfolding current events. Get Your Gift


Diana Tumminia, LCSW-R is a licensed psychotherapist, life coach and MARI (mandala assessment) practitioner, practicing integrative modalities geared toward understanding of the self, transforming trauma into triumph and finding your own pathways to healing. Her mission is to empower clients through psychology, mindfulness, spirituality, and creative arts to create better functioning and overall well-being.

BONUS GIFT: Do you often feel stuck and unable to come up with a solution to your problem? Do you feel that your decision making process is not adequate? Contact me to receive a Quick Guide on Problem-Solving Tips and Getting Through Stumbling Blocks in Life and feel ready to tackle any problems you may be facing. Get Your Gift


LeNae Goolsby is the cofounder of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine a health optimization, longevity, and regenerative medicine practice that helps people across the nation take their health power back to live healthier, happier, and longer lives. LeNae is also a bestselling author and her articles have been published in Entrepreneur, Business Insider,, etc.

BONUS GIFT: Sometimes it is helpful to have a visual reference for where we may need to shift our focus and energies with respect to the various aspects and demands of our life. The Lotus of Life Personal Assessment Quiz helps you to easily identify those areas where you may need a little help in realigning. Get Your Gift


Dr, Macey is the author of Keeping Weight off Forever and The Art of Positivity (insight deck). These publications are designed to help you change your relationship to food and live a more positive and fulfilling life. The insight deck will be available on Amazon November 20th 2022. We all feel stuck at times, either in our life situations or health. As an author Dr. Macey understands these challenges and provides insight and wisdom on how to overcome these obstacles.

BONUS GIFT: 100 days of inspirational text messages delivered daily. If you need a little reminder of how powerful, insightful, and creative you are then send me an email and I will share with you the link for accessing your daily messages. In addition receive your free 7 day meal planning to jump start your weight loss. Get your free gift! Get Your Gift


Visit our shop, either in person or virtually! As a women owned small business, we are very conscious of the products that are brought into the shop. Our goal is to bring in as many small businesses, ethically sourced, and diverse products as possible while keeping them affordable and accessible. We stock a variety of products, including crystals, burnables, aromatherapy, bath care, sound bowls, t-shirts, and candles. In addition to our shop, we are a metaphysical healing center. Our practitioners offer tarot readings, holistic consultations, intuitive energy healing, and more! The shop is located in downtown Bristol, Pa.

BONUS GIFT: **Pick My Intuition** Let's have a 30 min call to answer any questions that you have regarding Metaphysics, Tarot, Energy Healing or more specifically, a personal topic. Email me to get on my schedule! Get Your Gift


Tarah Long, Life Coach and Mentor, desires and intends for you to feel more free and more like yourself as a result of working with her. She's here to help you remember your wholeness, embody all of you, the human aspects and the infinite, and be who you are here to be. Tarah’s mission is also to help you remember that you are a sovereign being, and the only one with the authority to steward your life. We're in the midst of creating a New World as the old systems fall away, Tarah is excited to create this new world with you!

BONUS GIFT: This Wholeness Meditation with Tarah Long, accompanied by beautiful relaxing sounds, will remind you of your own wholeness, perfection, and completeness as you already are. You are not broken, there is nothing to fix. You have always already been whole and free, this guided meditation will connect you with this truth once again. Get Your Gift


Stephanie Kraft, MS, Intuitive Energy Healer and Master Hypnotherapist, has a unique healing gift. She uses her spiritual gifts to guide her clients into freedom and peace by helping them release issues and return to their true selves. Stephanie communicates with her clients’ higher selves to bring through messages and guidance.

BONUS GIFT: Guided Meditation/Hypnosis - Rainbow Healing Light and Meet Your Soul. Receive healing and connect with your soul in this relaxing guided journey with Stephanie Kraft. USE COUPON CODE: FREEGIFT Get Your Gift


Karen’s mission is to empower others to experience their own power and higher-self connection, cultivating an authentic thrive state. A Quantum Healer and Soul Alignment Coach, she helps clients make lasting changes using D-Codes , Reiki, Quantum healing, and Akashic Records. She works with a variety of complaints including allergies, PTSD, mindset, and chronic pain.

BONUS GIFT: This meditation activates your sense of empowerment, reconnecting you to your soul, the earth, and your source. Find a comfortable place where you will be uninterrupted and enjoy this meditation as often as you like. Get Your Gift


Dog Training - private and group lessons.

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Energy healing and coaching services which are designed to put you back in touch with your Source energy blueprint and harness your internal power. Your energy centres hold all of the keys to unblocking and unlocking your life of empowered purpose! It's time to align and shine.

BONUS GIFT: Your Quick Guide to the seven major chakras. Full Chakra Guided Meditation and, The first chapter of my book "Signposts to Source". Get Your Gift


Changing the world is all about changing ourselves through raising our frequency on all levels. We do this by becoming aware of our inner and outer world on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels making better conscious choices aligned with nature, doing inner work and serving others.

BONUS GIFT: Every one of you is born with a unique brilliance. It is just part of your divine gift that is so naturally a part of you, that you don’t even think twice about it. It is a particular lens that you express just by being. Even though others; your family, friends, co-workers and even strangers may be subconsciously aware of this quality or characteristic you portray, you may be the last one to know that you carry or manifest this particular quality. Find out more about this innate divine gift and how you can express it to the world. Get Your Gift


Dr. Donna W. Woo has helped thousands of patients, including professionals, business owners and their families. She noticed their stress levels often contributed to their pain. Now, as a “Power & Happiness Coach”, Dr. Woo’s main purpose is to help transform people to live intentionally and cultivate the relationship with themselves to create a life of abundance in health, wealth, usefulness and joy

BONUS GIFT: “10 Strategies to be Naturally Happy!” People often ask me how I am so happy and energetic. I do not even drink coffee regularly! Life does not need to be perfect in order to choose happiness and you can do it simply and naturally! Email me with subject line “Naturally Happy!” to receive your gift!. Get Your Gift


"Creating space for the body to heal from within" Offering holistic alternatives to western medical practices in order to help people get in touch with their inner wisdom. True healing comes from within. I am just your tour guide.

BONUS GIFT: "The Body Scan Meditation" gives you the opportunity to tune into what your body has been trying to tell you by manifesting as physical pain. Once we can give a voice to the underlying cause for the pain you are experiencing, you can begin to heal on a deeper level, allowing you to Heal, Grow, and Thrive. Get Your Gift


Jamie Allen Bishop is all about mindset. You can often hear her say, “Your magic matters!” Embracing your purpose with confidence on social media is what Jamie helps entrepreneurs do.

BONUS GIFT: Toes + Tapping = Transformation. Through a laser coaching session, we can determine what is the best next step for creating momentum in your business. Get Your Gift


Maria Florin is a personal growth coach and emotion code practitioner. She is on a mission to guide women in finding the light that is already within them so they can live with more gusto and enthusiasm. Maria blends her knowledge of mindfulness, other embodiment practices, and emotion code to assist her clients to find that inner peace that’s been hiding inside each of

BONUS GIFT: A personalized 30 minute emotion code session. Emotion Code is an energy based breakthrough method that makes it possible to release emotional baggage from your subconscious mind. Together we will release trapped emotions from your subconscious so that you can begin to find freedom from the inner critic that may be holding you back.  Get Your Gift

Mindful Kawa Virtual Retreats

Global platform for on-demand Virtual Retreats featuring established wellness experts and dedicated to providing affordable membership. Our Virtual Retreats offer a variety of self-discovery, self-development and healing tools, such as Guided Meditation, Yoga, Nutrition, Movement, and so many more..

BONUS GIFT:  "5 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress" - When stress becomes severe or chronic, it can have a negative impact on your health. That is why it is critical to learn stress relieving tools and techniques that can both relax your mind and body. Get Your Gift

Pura Vida BodyMind

Mckenzie Merges is a Certified BodyMind Coach, specializing in Burnout Recovery. Her Break Free from Burnout coaching programs use easy to implement stress reduction and embodiment techniques to help keep burnout at bay. She helps women take back control of their time and their confidence, while empowering them to put themselves first without the guilt.

BONUS GIFT: I created the How Burned Out Are You? quiz to help bring awareness to burnout. So often, people do not notice they are on their way to burning out until it's too late. This quiz could help you know BEFORE you get there, when there is still time to intervene and counteract the problem. Get Your Gift

Join our Online Poetry Community

Saira Priest and Angela Myers are co-authors of SPIRIT: A Dance of Poetry, a weaving of words by two poets who combine their poems into a shared celebration of nature and the human spirit. We invite you to join our nascent poetry community, where together we will continue to co-create through virtual poetry circles - nourishing and cultivating our collective creative expressions.

BONUS GIFT: BONUS GIFT: "SEEK JOY" e-book by Saira Priest, author of "Zen of Hoarding: 108 offerings for deciding what you own." Sign up for a "Dose of Joy" - occasional inspirations by email, and receive an email with your FREE PDF E-BOOK titled "SEEK JOY" filled with beautiful images and encouraging words for your journey. Get Your Gift

Roots & Boots Intentional Living

The world would be a better place when more people knew that there were more natural remedies, that self-care, & personal growth make a HUGE difference in their lives. I am only one voice; however, I can use my voice to share my knowledge and experience. Everything I do today, tomorrow, and the next day is for the point of leaving a legacy. There is someone waiting on me to learn more and share more.

BONUS GIFT: I am offering a free E-book on how to serve deeper. You will receive a copy via email. Get Your Gift

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

We are a Wellness Center and Metaphysical store here in Wilmington, NC. Our Clients and customers say we are a pillar of the metaphysical community. That the knowledge and warm invitation to share and be heard, without judgement is why they return year after year.

BONUS GIFT: BONUS GIFT: A 25 minute Video that will show and tell you about the crystals that Mother Earth has provided for us to increase and grow our CREATIVITY. Every thing is energy, everything you see, that you feel and what you taste... Do you want to learn how to increase your ability to CREATE your own world? Take 25 minutes and see how this FEELS to you. Blessings Blue Lagoon Wellness Center. Get Your Gift

Carrie Asuncion

Carrie Asuncion offers intuitive insight to help heart-centered women navigate change. Using powerful energy medicine, she quickly transforms self-doubt and confusion to clarity and confidence. She’s helped thousands reclaim their joy and create lives that they love. She’s passionate about guiding clients to love themselves up and trust their inner knowing.

BONUS GIFT: Clarity Meditation and Worksheet to create a powerful vision - a full sensory search box to manifest your dreams. Get Your Gift

Sharon Ann Rose

Sharon Ann Rose is an Alchemist, Ceremonialist and Feminine Wisdom Guide. She helps women reclaim their natural vitality and connection to life. For 20+ years she's shared a transformational body of work to support her clients in resting into their inherent grace and power. Sharon works with female leaders to make bold, tender, and loving choices by listening to their feminine wisdom

BONUS GIFT: Bask in the soothing guidance of Sharon's voice through this 10 min audio: A Sacred Pause to ALIGN with Yourself. Receive inner restructuring for your nervous system, so you can cultivate a natural rhythm for being in alignment with who you really are. Get Your Gift